Quality Assurance



Bmw grade automobile toughened safety glass, through the national 3c security certification; The surface is smooth, smooth, no impurity and water ripple, good permeability, high safety coefficient. Hundred million products choose 8 mm, 10 mm thick through the national 3c certification and reach the European en 12150 standard automotive tempered glass, glass original sheet high purity, permeability good, and use the best german glass deep processing equipment in the world and Finland toughened, homogeneous furnace processing, anti -
The bending strength is 3 - 5 times of the ordinary glass, and the impact strength is 5 - 10 times of the ordinary glass. The tempered glass, even if destroyed, is a small fragment with no acute angle, the minimum number of fragments in the area of any 50 * 50mm area is about 50 - 70 grains ( the line is greater than 40 grains ). After cleaning, filling, easy cleaning treatment of each piece of glass, the surface water repellency is strong, not easy to stain, more easy to clean, more safe. 

Aluminium / 304 stainless steel
Stainless steel selected sus stainless steel raw materials, surface seiko fine grinding and polishing treatment, after 96 h acid salt spray test does not rust. 
Aluminum alloy profile with high purity of 6463, the aging hardness is 13 - 15 degrees, the wall thickness is between 1.2 - 4.5 mm, hard and hard toughness moderate, strong bearing capacity, good comprehensive performance, surface after polished by the anodized coloring treatment, wear, oxidation, corrosion resistance. The high purity aluminum alloy profiles with high copper content and hardness of 12 - 14 degrees are used, which have good corrosion resistance and toughness, and the color is beautiful after anodizing treatment. The design of the wall thickness of aluminum is generally 1.2 - 3.5 mm, the special part is even 5mm, so the bearing capacity is strong and not easy to deform. 

The hardware of the hundred million products are processed with high quality brass ( 59 copper ) or sus stainless steel. The surface of brass material is treated by fine polishing and high standard surface plating, and it is treated with three layers ( copper layer, nickel layer, chrome layer, and the nickel layer is 6 - 8um ). The chromium layer is 0.2 - 0.25 thick. After 48 hours, the acid salt spray test does not rust. Stainless steel sus stainless steel raw material, the surface is treated with 8 k light treatment, tube thickness is greater than or equal to 1.2 mm, or solid structure, after 96 h acid salt spray test does not rust. 

Hundreds of millions of pulleys pass through the open door test 100 000 times, have advantages of self - slip, firmness, waterproof, firmness, 360 degree protection, automatic adjustment angle, quiet, wear - resisting, anti - corrosion, etc. Pulley according to different purposes, select clearance, cage structure, grease and other requirements for special design bearings. The bearing material 440 stainless steel, the hardness can reach 58 HRC, belongs to the most hard stainless steel column. Bearing dust and waterproof, smooth sliding, long service life. The pulley Outsourcing glue adopts the modified race steel with self - lubricating function, strong wear resistance, strong bearing capacity, and will not cause jumping due to deformation. 

Sealing strip, weather bar
With imported full self - EVA + PVC sealing magnetic strip, appearance neat, beautiful, after microwave oven 63 degrees above and the refrigerator - 30 degrees, 60 hours of test without deformation, no discoloration, no demagnetization. 
The quality of the adhesive is the quality of the raw material and the control of the processing technology. In accordance with the factors of different climates in the south of the south, the hundred million shower shower gel strips are tailored to the extreme adhesive tape products in the south of the south, organ - type adhesive tape, Dislocation tape, silicon rubber strip, etc., which can show the waterproof leakage between the walls and the activities of shower room, and fully ensure the sealing of the shower room.